Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rousseau rocks

I took the kids to the National Gallery of Art today to see the Henri Rousseau exhibit while Todd went to play music with his friend Bob. (Unfortunately he got sidetracked by an overheating car.) It was my first time out with the two of them by myself, although I really wasn't alone. Daria and Michael met me at the NGA and were lovely and helpful company. Still, I may have been a little overly ambitious.

The kids were wonderful, but the NGA is difficult to get through with a stroller, much less while you have 20 pounds of baby strapped to your chest. Broken elevators, the exhibit divided by spiral stairs, no changing table in the restroom, combined with a lack of planning on my part (soaked diaper that went through to the Baby Bjorn and no change of clothes, too close to lunch and nap time to be able to meander), made the experience more difficult than it really needed to be.

Anyway, the exhibit was gorgeous. Both kids seemed to really enjoy the art, Thea more obviously than Liam, of course. Daria took Thea around the galleries while I changed Liam (a huge pain in the ass that involved two elevators, a ten-minute wait, changing him on the floor, and much cursing on my part). She said that Thea liked a painting with monkeys best. That makes sense, as Thea has had a long-standing fascination with monkeys, though it seems to be transitioning to horses lately. What is it about girls and horses?

When we got home, Thea was inspired to do some drawing of her own. Some of the ink even made it to the paper.

Liam, meanwhile, was working on his crawling technique.

It's still a commando crawl, but he's close to raising up.


molly-o said...

I *love* the picures of Thea covered in ink! Her expression in the first one cracks me up, and in the second one she looks so happy. :)

After reading your post (what, a week ago?), I keep peering at Liam's photos with a furrowed brow, trying to figure out what exactly makes him look so decidedly like a boy.

Kelly O said...

I know, you can almost see her shrug and say, "Sometimes I color on my arms, what are you going to do?"

If you figure out what makes Liam look so BOY, let me know!