Thursday, August 03, 2006

Grizzly Man

My friend John has a really interesting post about Grizzly Man. IMDb describes the movie this way:

A docudrama that centers on amateur grizzly bear expert Timothy Treadwell. He periodically journeyed to Alaska to study and live with the bears. He was killed, along with his his girlfriend, Amie Huguenard, by a rogue bear in October 2003. The films explores their compassionate lives as they found solace among these endangered animals.

John, though, thinks probably quite rightly that Treadwell was dealing with serious mental health issues and wonders why the people who loved him encouraged him to live among the bears as one of them instead of getting him treatment. Writes John:

I was so angry because the people around Treadwell, people who said they loved him, ignored the obvious signs of a disturbed mind. All of the signs are there in the film, and I refuse to believe that the only time he exhibited them was when he was in front of the camera. There was at least one person who knew of his diagnosis who encouraged what he did.

Interesting stuff.

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