Monday, October 16, 2006

Things we love

Yesterday we went to the Sugarloaf Craft Festival in Gaithersburg. We only saw about half of the 450 exhibitions there, but there was some pretty great work mixed in with the usual mediocrity. I bought a miniature painting by Ruth Barnet that I think is awesome. She teared up selling it to me. I teared up buying it.

(This photo doesn't do it justice. The colors are really bright, and it's, of course, not blurry.)

On Saturday our book group met for Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants, which we all liked a lot, and had Akio's grilled chicken wings, burgers, and rumaki, which we all loved (especially me; it's like an addiction, I canNOT get enough of Akio's grilled meats). Thea played Alanna's tiny piano.

And Liam has a new favorite toy. It helps him walk, but on our slippery new floors (bamboo in the new dining room, not yet finished) he really runs. He has so much fun with it that Thea sometimes steals it from him to see what all the fuss is about.

Liam's new favorite toy

Todd, sadly, isn't loving much of anything these days because of a terrible, lingering cold that is bordering on consumption. But he has high hopes for the Sudafed I brought home yesterday.


DDM said...

I covet your floors!! I'm on the edge of tearing out my carpet with my bare hands and laying down wood or Pergo. HATING my carpet after 8 years with it.

Kelly O said...

The bamboo floor is gorgeous. I really love it, though the workers who put down the kitchen floor already scratched it. Just a tiny scratch. I really should be grateful, like when you get your first ding on a new car: what a relief!

Collin, Amy, Eva said...

I absolutely love the painting. Where did you decide to hang it?

That walker thing of Liam's looks very cool - how does it work? Is there a danger of it sort of rolling away from him so that he falls flat on his face? I'm having this problem with a gadget we got for Eva. However, Eva can barely walk, and isn't even really cruising yet, so maybe I'm just jumping the gun here.

Kelly O said...

The painting will go in the new dining room. The walker thing is totally cool. I got it at a thrift store for 85 cents. It took Liam a while to get used to how it works, but he never did a face plant with it.

How old is Eva? Liam has an older sister who zooms by him, and we're less inclined to bring him everything he wants, so he has more incentive to walk. (Curse of the second born.)

Collin, Amy, Eva said...

Eva will be one year in a few weeks. She definitely lacks incentive to walk, but she loves pulling herself up to a standing position in the crib and she can sort of cruise around in it. My dad gave her this little airplane on wheels that she can hang onto and walk behind, but it sort of gets away from her and I have to be right there to help avoid a face plant. Oh well.

Kelly O said...

Thea and Alanna's first kid were the same way, walking around a year or so. Alanna's second kid, however, was walking unassisted before 9 months. It was incredibly weird and cute to see this little baby up walking around, kind of like when you see poodles in skirts up on their hind legs at the circus? It was a great party trick.

Collin, Amy, Eva said...

Ahhh, poodles in skirts, that makes me laugh.