Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"The Wigglies"?

My friend Sher was on the Today show on Friday. The segment was on recess, and the producers asked for her thoughts. She said primly, "Children should be bound to their desks all day and preferably should even work through lunch. If it's good enough for me at my job, it's good enough for those kindergartners."

No, of course not! You can watch it here, segment 6.

From Sher's blog:

baby, i'm a star. sorta.

ok, maybe not a star. not even a slight twinkle. but i ended up on the today show on friday, apparently. of course, when they filmed, i had just come home from the immunologist's, crying my eyes out all the way down the beltway. so my face has that just-cried-and-now-i'm-all-puffy look. but hey, at least i was coherent. after i am on camera, my friends jim and paula (and another mother i don't know who mentions "wigglies") are on it, too. they look much better.

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mom said...

What a weird interviewer! Has the expert on, then tells him what to say. I don't think the pediatrition got to say a single sentence uninterrupted.

I did like the idea of the kids getting the wigglies out.