Sunday, January 21, 2007

You are my sister, and I love you

"You are my sister, and I love you. May all your dreams come true. I want this for you. They're going to come true." (Just to make Jennifer cry. It was an Antony and the Johnsons song I was listening to on the way to New Jersey. If you haven't heard them, do yourself a favor and buy the album now. AMAZING.)

Amy's sister Jennifer, Amy, Heather, and me.

We had a great time this weekend just hanging out, drinking great wine, eating great food. Jennifer, who has two girls, spent the night, too, and was a godsend because then I had someone else to hang out with who tires easily. I adore her, and her older daughter Nikki and Thea are great friends. Nikki says Thea is the sister she SHOULD have had, and Thea completely idolizes Nikki.

While I was in New Jersey, Todd took the kids to the National Building Museum with friends to watch the paper airplane program. Somehow Thea fell into a fountain while Todd was chasing after Liam, but she didn't seem terribly traumatized about it. When I asked her today what her favorite part of the weekend was, she said "cuddling with Don," who dried her off and calmed her down while Sue and Heather B. got her some dry clothes. Then they went over to Heather B.'s for Chinese take-out. All in all, it was a good weekend for everyone. (Except maybe Todd. I love you, baby!)

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