Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Blobby musings

Daniel was in town briefly this weekend and came over to see what we'd done to the house in the year since he and Ivano moved to San Diego, give us tree advice, and re-meet the kids. (I'm not sure how old this picture is, but since my hair was transitioning to my natural color, I think it was shortly after I came back from maternity leave the first time. So, three years ago? Wow, my face looks big.)

It was great to see him, and great to have a grown-up chat about something that didn't revolve around kids. Among other things, we talked about this weird thing, this blog evolution. He said Ivano pointed out that, while it's a great way to stay in touch with people, it also makes you complacent. You think you know what's up in your friend's life, but you really only know what they're writing about.

Ivano, along with being gorgeous and kind and Italian (rowr), is also very smart. I'm a typical mommy-blogger; I write about what's up with the kids and post pictures of them for my sister and the grandparents. I write about things that I want to remember or share with the kids someday, like first words and visits with the Easter Bunny. Sometimes I write down what I'm thinking about or post a link to something I read or watched that I think is interesting. And I love that this is a way to connect with like-minded people, even if the connection is fairly ephemeral.

But it's a narrow picture. I never post about the dark, bleak things, of which there are plenty. I never write about anything that I don't think is my story to tell, even if it affects me and the family deeply. And I never write anything that I think might show someone I know in a bad light.

By the way, as mundane and superficial as this blog is, I still got a hostile, anonymous comment a couple weeks ago, which I quickly deleted. Weird, don't you think, this whole blogging thing?


DDM said...

I SO hope it wasn't my troll, that came and left a nasty comment on your wonderful piece of the blogosphere. She should be good and frothing at the mouth by now.....you can have it traced if anonymous comes back.

Kelly O said...

I thought about that! But, no, I don't think it was that freak. Even if it was, they haven't come back, so I'm more philosophical about it than anything else.

Heather said...

I love reading your blog! It describes to me an experience that is totally alien to me, & that I'm glad you can take the time to share without my snarky comments or any interruptions. It's really one of the best parts of my day.

nonnamadonna said...

Kelly your blog philosophy as you describe it here is essentially the inspiration for my writings. I could paraphrase it using my words, but it would be the same deal. I think you are exactly right on with your approach. And I value the links as I mentioned before, they are excellent. Press on, please. And sorry to hear that someone from another galaxy found your site.

karrie said...

He makes a very valid point about only being in touch with friends on a surface level via blogging.

I hear you on getting bizarre comments.

nylonthread said...

Kelly, much thanks for outlining your guidelines. Writing about the positives and not ranting about the negatives (myself at fault here) will not only keep from hurting others' feelings, it will help you remember the situation positively when you go back and read it! I have a vague memory that Mother's Day last year SUKD! But, my blog entry was positive, and I don't remember the details now, ergo, it was pretty good in retrospect, right? :-D

monkeyrotica said...

Translation: you want to strangle your mom. It's okay. I have yet to meet a woman who doesn't want to strangle her mom. Kinda goes along with the gender. Just embrace the feeling and let it wash over you like a cool rain and drop an occasional "hey, if you don't get with the program, mom, I'm gonna strangle you in your sleep."

You've inspired me to write more dark stuff about strangling moms. Thanks!

Kelly O said...

Aw, I shouldn't have said "mundane and superficial," should I have? It sounds pejorative and like I need a hug or something.

AJS, you are so effin' hilarious. Somebody get this man a writing contract, stat!