Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Kelly's mix tape, May 2007

BoingBoing had a post today about a great punk rock video archive. The performance of California Über Alles on it was awesome, so I went searching on YouTube for other videos of it. It's really one of my favorite songs ever.

Anyway, Hygenic Steve had a post a while back about ten favorite songs (recent, I think). Here are ten of my all-time favs. What are yours?

The Dead Kennedys, "California Über Alles"

Patti Smith, "Gloria"

Antony and the Johnsons, "Fistful of Love"

Sir Mix-a-lot, "Baby Got Back" [What? Don't judge me.]

Throwing Muses, "Hate My Way"

Nina Simone, "Sinnerman"

Lucinda Williams, "Joy"

Dolly Parton, "Jolene"

Johnny Cash, "Spiritual" [The YouTube video has nothing to do with Johnny Cash, but I do love the song so and this is the only one I could find. Anyway, who doesn't love Hunter S. Thompson?]

Van Morrison, "And It Stoned Me"


Make that eleven!

The Waterboys, "This Is the Sea"


TFO said...

awesome. you have brilliant and varied tastes in music. variety is the spice of life afterall.

monkeyrotica said...

Did I ever burn you guys a DVD of the Punk: Attitude IFC documentary? I think that's probably the last time Jello will ever appear to talk about DKs, since he hates the other members of the band so much. He refused to have anything to do with the dc hardcore doc that came out last year.

Kelly O said...

TFO, you're just saying that because it's an offshoot of your tastes. :)

AJS, I think you did once but the DVD didn't work? We'd love to see that. My impression is that Jello has turned into such a tool. So sad.

sher said...

wow, california takes me back to high school. i still have good memories of kill the poor, another favorite.

and of course, you know i **heart** patti smith in the hugest way possible.

and AJS - we would love to see the documentary, too :)

sher said...

okay, i bit.


thanks for taking my mind off of my mind :)

Kelly O said...

Sher, I totally dig your Top 10(ish)! Rock on with your bad self.

nylonthread said...

I second TFO! Awesome. But I'm grinding my teeth here that I can't see the vids. *&#%(* firewalls.

You inspired me to put my listie up, too...

monkeyrotica said...

I went ahead and ordered the movie from Amazon because it's got a second DVD of extra footage and, along with Filth and the Fury and We Jam Econo, it's probably the best punk documentary available. I'll have to lend it to you cats.

Also got a copy of The Red Balloon for Dash because he loves "boons" and it teaches a valuable lesson about never trusting French children.

Kelly said...

Boy this one will take me a while...there's so much I like. But I have to say Nina Simone might pop up on the list too. I've been playing Feeling Good in my car today over, and over, and over again. I LOVE that song!

Thanks for the visit fellow 37-year-old Kelly Rooster Aquarian. Now that's a little scary isn't it?

Kelly O said...

The Red Balloon, great idea! I'm putting it in my Netflix queue. Let me know if Dash likes it.

Kelly, also weird -- I was born in Oklahoma, and even our profile photos are similar. There must be a limited number of types a person can be born as, and you and I chose the same mold.

sher said...

i neglected to mention how much i love van morrison, too -- what a wonderful choice! (well, many!) whenever i hear tupelo honey, i think of my little girl and melt :) of course, i am waiting for the day when she says, "mama, who's jackie wilson, and why does the singer care about what he says?"

speaking of which, BC's last book project for school this year is a book about "rock stars." we've been having fun talking about who is included in the book (the usual suspects - beatles, stones, elvis, joni mitchell, carlos santana!, and the slightly not-so-usual suspects, like chrissy hynde! U2!) -- and who isn't. she is mad that buffalo springfield didn't make the cut ;-) i would have been completely spooked if she asked about gram parsons...

Daniel said...

Hi kelly, happy mother's day!!! I hope you're having a great day. I just watched the fistfull of love video you posted and it brought tears to my eyes.

Kelly O said...

I *love* Van Morrison and even toyed with the idea of naming Liam "Van."

Thanks, DK! Antony and the Johnsons are amazing. I miss having you around to introduce me to new music.