Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mother blogger?

PunditMom started an interesting discussion about the term "mommy blogger": Is it an insult, and can't we find a better word for the whole endeavor?

Part of me completely agrees with her. It's a term of derision, used to invalidate what's become an outlet for women who are fairly isolated and marginalized by motherhood. But the fact that it's used as an insult makes me want to co-opt it, to use it in a "Yeah? So?" kind of way. That's probably just me being ornery, of course. I'm like that sometimes.

<geek type="alert">I think one of the reasons the term "mommy blogger" has caught on is because of the phonetic flow of it: nicely matched, two-syllable words with double consonants in the middle. So, similarly, "mom blog" works, but "mom blogger" does not. Of PunditMom's other suggestions, I'd prefer not to have the word "maternal" associated with me until I'm in my 60s, and "mother blogger" sounds vaguely like another "mother" phrase you might yell if you banged your thumb with a hammer. For that reason alone it would have my vote to replace "mommy blogger."</geek>

There's a side issue, too, about what exactly constitutes a mommy blogger blog. I think of this blog as fitting that label, because the purpose is primarily to keep my family and friends up-to-date on what's happening with the kids. Sometimes I write about whatever is on my mind or something that I think will amuse my friends, but that's not my main reason for the blog, and I intentionally don't write about the dark, bleak things, which would present a fuller picture of my life.

However, people like PunditMom or One Weird Mother or Wrekehavoc write because, well, they're writers and they have something to say. They do mention their kids frequently, but I would say they are not "mommy bloggers," because the focus of their blogs is their writing and their lives, not just their kids, if that distinction makes sense.

Anyway, that's what I've been thinking about today, along with how weird the whole Second Life thing is. Did you know a lot of legitimate businesses are setting up shop in Second Life, and it's not just for 50-year-old men to have lesbian sex with furries anymore?


karrie said...

I think Mother Blogger sounds kind of fierce, actually. I like it. :)

I've been trying to figure out what it is that bothers me about the word mommy so much. I don't mind my son calling me mommy, but I really hate when just about anyone else refers to me as mommy as in, "Oh, good morning Max's Mommy" (Uh, I have a name) or "How do you like being a Mommy?" (Sounds vaguely like a put down) Or worse, my husband calling me mommy as in "Max, be good for Mommy. Bye Mommy. I love you." (Uh, you will never get laid again.)

Thankfully the last one has only happened once or twice, and he realized how icky it sounded. :)

I probably need to get over myself.

karrie said...

Oh, and the Dust Bowl blogger is too funny!

Kelly O said...

That's my art history degree at work. Heh.

monkeyrotica said...

Why would you possibly even WANT the validation of some anonymous thirtysomething geek who still lives in his mom's basement and can barely chisel apart the pages of last month's Tits-and-Junk magazine?

I'd suggest "Ma Blogger" because it sounds like a cross between 1920s gangster Ma Barker and postapocalyptic hellcreature "Magog."

Kelly O said...

It's not the anonymous geeks that ma bloggers (LOVE IT! I'm changing my vote) care about; it's the ones that can offer them jobs.

Maxine said...

Can't get my head round this "mother blogger" thing (though I am one, at Petrona (http://petrona.typepad.com), but thanks for the link to Nautilus (the NPG authors' blog, one of my work blogs).
Best wishes