Tuesday, June 05, 2007

WWAD Tuesday

What would Al do? He'd turn off that light. He'd buy a hybrid car. He'd recycle. And he'd avoid buying plastic whenever possible.

Check out "Plastic Ocean" (found via Molly-o, who provides a handy bulleted list of action points and who is also seriously freaked out). It's a rather shocking article about the long-term costs of plastics in terms of debris and toxicity, to the planet and to ourselves.

I thought about this as I ate lunch. I looked at the straw in my soda and thought, This will be on the planet longer than I or my children or my grandchildren. That is a truly scary thought.


TFO said...

yeah that's some scary stuff. i think i will start to notice what i buy that's plastic, and think about what i could replace it with.

Kelly O said...

I know! I can't stop seeing plastic, everywhere I look.

Nonna Madonna said...

I am having trouble commenting on this Kelly. I am just stunned. I too will view plastic differently. And take some small actions (like using powdered detergent from recyclable cardboard boxes instead of liquid in plastic jugs). I feel guilty and angry at same time. How can we (species) be so stupid and selfish?

Kelly O said...

We're stupid and selfish, it's true. Honestly, I don't know why I never thought about plastic before, about what happens to it when we throw it away, even if we don't just toss it on the ground.