Monday, July 02, 2007

The latest Pew report

Have you heard about the latest Pew report on marriage and parenthood? Interesting stuff.

Jobs are low on the list. I'm not sure, though, if people mean that they don't find work to be fulfilling, or that they're not looking for fulfillment from their jobs.

41% of the people responding think it's a bad idea for mothers of young children to work? Well okay, then! I'll get right on figuring out how else to pay the mortgage. Or, instead, we as a society could work on offering high-quality daycare options and longer maternity leave. Just throwing out ideas here.

I'm surprised "Agreement on politics" is so low on the list. It's also interesting to see that basically white people think the key to a good marriage is faithfulness far and above anything else. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing, but it just seems odd that the keys to a good white marriage are faithfulness, satisfying sex, and sharing chores, in that order. Practical concerns (income and housing) aren't as important, and neither are the things that make your partner unique, like beliefs and interests. WTF?


monkeyrotica said...

Chart #1 explains why customer service in this country is teh suxxorz.

All this proves is that most people are effing idiots and have no business breeding. Jeebus, more than half of Americans believe the Bible is the literal Word-of-God but something like less than 5-percent read it and less than that actually understand WTF is going on. And don't even bother pointing out contradictions, that just angers and confuses them.

No, I'm afraid opinion polls are slightly less useful than phrenology, although there is less dandruff involved.

monkeyrotica said...

Oh, and Chart #2 explains why women are having children in their 60s, and Chart #3 explains why Latinos will eventually be the dominant minority inside of 20 years.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but who wants to raise a kid at 70? But I definitely loves me some menudo! Bring on the tripe soup!

Kelly O said...

Heather said that according to Chart #3, she and Amy were having an Hispanic relationship. Heh.

nylonthread said...

How many people do you think interpreted "faithfulness" as having faith in God vs. being faithful to each other?

I think having similar religious beliefs (or lack of) is more important than having similar political beliefs.

TFO said...

I like to eat Paste!

Kelly O said...

I know, we really need some sleep.

sher said...

i dunno. i think most important in marriage is agreeing on baseball affiliation.

sher said...

...that, and keeping your partner from eating paste.