Sunday, July 29, 2007

Liam takes after his dad

This video is awful, so awful that I probably shouldn't even bother to post it, I know, but it was the best I could get. We went to Rock n Romp on Saturday and had a great time, as usual. Liam is really into music these days; he sings all the songs on his favorite TV shows, and most nights we sing a couple songs together before he goes to bed.

When we got there, I took him up in front of the stage, where some friends were hanging out. He immediately left us to stand right in front of a speaker with his head bobbing, the only kid actually watching the band. He was transfixed. It was a little weird, actually, so I bent down behind him to see what he was looking at. He turned around, gave me a kiss, and leaned back in my arms, happy to listen to the music and sway in my arms, and then applauded enthusiastically between songs.

It was really sweet, and kind of relieving. Sometimes I look at my kids, especially my son, and wonder what kind of relationships they'll have. Like, will Liam be a good boyfriend? When he jumps on my chest while I'm lying on the floor and wraps his pudgy but strong fingers around my neck, then pushes me onto my back while laughing like a maniac, I think, perhaps not. But seeing him so excited by the guitars and drums, so connected to the music and also to the people who were experiencing it with him, I thought, he'll be a man like his father, and that's a wonderful thing.


monkeyrotica said...

If it's any consolation, he'll probably play really cool music while he's strangling his girlfriend.

Collin, Amy, Eva said...

Liam is very lucky to have such great parents - and when it comes to fostering his love of music, a dad who is so freakin' talented and who (along with his mom) has such amazingly broad knowledge and tastes. With role models like that, how could he possibly grow up to be a bad boyfriend?

TFO said...

aw that's so sweet. good post! i'm so proud of my lil guy.

Kelly O said...

Well, that is some consolation, yes.

Amy, you're going to have to change your profile name soon, huh?

The Clamdampers said...

Yep, right you are - consider it done.