Monday, August 20, 2007

Daddy's girl

As I mentioned, Todd has the worst luck getting Liam down to sleep. We switch kids every night, and when it's his turn with Liam, he approaches the night with cheerful resignation. It's going to get ugly and it's going to end with me having to take over, but Todd will withstand the sturm und drang of Liam's wails for as long as possible.

Last night, as we do every other night, Thea and I lay in her bed listening to Liam get increasingly hysterical. It sounded particularly bad, probably because his nap was short or he didn't eat enough or because I had spent the afternoon with him while Thea and Todd went swimming. Who knows. Anyway, he sounded so upset that he might choke.

Thea sat up, said, "Oh no, I think Liam might spit up in his bed! I have to check on them!" and leaped over me to run into Liam's room before I could stop her. (Normally after lights-out, we try to keep the kids in bed.) I followed behind — rather slowly, I'll admit, because the din was fierce — and got into Liam's room in time to hear her say, "Liam is Mommy's boy and I'm Daddy's girl and I want Daddy tonight because I love him!"

SUCH a sweet girl. Who's getting a pony for Christmas?


Heather said...


Monica said...

Oh my gosh ... Thea is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!

My niece is doing a similar thing to her mom and it's driving her a little nuts. Arden is 26 months and screams like a banshee if she's without her mother for more than an hour at a time or if my brother tries to put her to bed.

Here's to hoping both babies get over this phase sooner than later. :)

sher said...

fret not. there was a time when BC only wanted daddy. then she switched allegiances. jools will one day, too. and then, of course, i can't wait for the "i don't want to be seen with either parent" phase.

that's a good one.

but thea -- soooo sweet! and so SMART!

TFO said...

Yeah i like when she got flustered a bit in all the Liam yelling confusion and kept saying "Liam is Mommy's boy and i am Daddy's boy".

that's my lil cutie....

HeatherBear said...

O so cute.
O man it makes me want to have kids of me own.
O you're kids are so happy.
O yeah!!!

Heather O' Davis

Kelly O said...

I know eventually this will pass, and when it does I'll miss it a little. I look forward to missing it.

HeatherBear, you'd make a great mom!

nylonthread said...

Thea is a darling to try to settle Liam down! She really has the best instincts.

You two are very smart to do parent-switching at bedtime. I envy you the switching, really; somehow I got roped into putting both kids down by myself every night.