Monday, September 03, 2007

Beach vacation wrap-up

Thea and I on a carousel at Funland

Thea and I went to Rehoboth Beach to hang out with friends for a couple days last week, including a few who just happened to be staying two blocks away at the same time. The whole family was going to go, but we completely forgot that we have a dog now. When Don asked the property company if pets were okay at the beach house, he said the reaction was as if he had dropped trou right in their office. So Todd had to stay home with Tina, and we decided that he'd keep Liam with him to try to get our little man less dependent on his mom to go to sleep.

It actually worked out for the best, anyway. The night before we left, we were up until midnight from taking Liam to the emergency room. He was clutching his ear, wailing "Ear hurts!" for an hour and a half before we decided to go in search of prescription-strength painkiller ear drops. Despite being exhausted when we left the next morning, Thea was a delightful traveling companion. At one point we passed a pig farm, and Thea asked why pig poop is so stinky. I said it's because they eat everything, like people. Thea looked mortified and said, shocked, "Pigs eat PEOPLE?"

Todd and Liam ended up having a lovely time just the two of them. Our son seems to have grown by leaps and bounds in the last month, and he understands almost everything Todd said to him. Of course, part of it might be that this is the first time Liam has gotten a parent's undivided attention for so long.

Thea and I had a great time, too. There was one bittersweet "my baby's growing so fast" moment. We were getting our shoes on to go out, and Thea — tired, cranky, and a bit sunsick — was resisting. Sue made a game of racing Thea to see who could get ready first and pretended to forget how to put her shoes on so Thea could win. When Thea realized this, her face crumpled and she cried "Stop making fun of me, it's not funny!" Sue and I fluttered around apologizing and trying to say we didn't mean to offend her, but Thea was having none of it.


Nonna Madonna said...

Got it! Sounds like a fun get-away for all involved (except maybe Tina who probably does not like it when her "pack" splits up).

Jammer said...

"Pigs eat PEOPLE?!" Heh!

Sounds like she's been watching too many mob movies. :)

Kelly O said...

Maybe she found "Dora the Explorer: The Hannibal Chronicles"?

SusieJ said...

That all looks so fun!!

Kelly O said...

It did not suck, my friend.