Monday, September 24, 2007

Conversation with Thea

Last night Thea and I were lying in bed recapping the day, as we do every other night. I was explaining why her dad and I wouldn't let her have only potato chips and donuts for lunch. I said that as her parents, we're supposed to keep her from doing what she wants if we know it'll hurt her or make her sick. Then I said, "But you know what's funny? When you're a grown-up, you can eat only potato chips and donuts for lunch if you want, but when you're a grown-up, you still won't do it."

Thea: When I'm a grown-up? I won't want to have only potato chips and donuts for lunch?

Me: Well, you might still want to, but you probably won't do it because you'd know it would make you sick.

Thea: When I'm a grown-up, will I drive a car and have a job and make my own lunch?

Me: Yep.

Thea: And my lunch won't be just potato chips and donuts, even though no one will tell me I have to have something else?

Me: Yep.

Thea: [Extended pause while she contemplates....] Are you just teasing me?

Even to me, it does sound rather implausible.


sher said...

and the problem with that sort of lunch is...?


Kelly O said...

My big fat ass and cranky mood? :)

heather said...

When you're a grownup, you learn that the healthy thing is to have EITHER a bag of potato chips OR a box of donuts, but not both. Right?

Kelly O said...

EXACTLY! You'd make such a great mom.

Brent said...

Way to make me feel guilty about my lunch plans. Now I have to go find a salad. Damn.

monkeyrotica said...

I think Rosie ate nothing but potato chips for dinner last night, straight outta grandad's bag. Fuggit. She's the one who'll need the Lipitor prescription, not me.

Oughtta try aversion therapy. For the longest time, once a year, I'd get a napoleon from Vaccaro's. Obscene amount of cream, chocolate, and butterfat; I'd just feel ill for hours after, like I'd swallowed a neutron star made out of butter. Wouldn't touch those things for at least a year. So we make the kids eat a whole Big Bag of Gradma Utz Kettle Chips (fried in pure LARD). It's like eating a fois gras sub with a tub of melted butter for dipping. They'll either blow their oysters or become addicted.

Kelly O said...

Sounds like a plan, stan!

nylonthread said...

If only someone would invent a donut and potato-chip dinner that actually was healthy?

Nah, it'd probably be so synthetic that we'd get cancer from it later.

Way to ask some good questions, Thea!!

Daniel said...

what a great dialog. It's the foundation for a kid's book written by a mom-and-daughter team.'s fantastic...keep documenting!

grandma said...

One of the most beautiful and fascinating things about kids is the way their minds work. Just knocks my socks off. There is something timeless, cosmic and elegantly creative when you really get into how a child sees the world.

Sometimes their logic skews down a line of reasoning as fresh and tender as new shoots poking through the earth in spring - totally new and totally perfect - a child shall lead them - and sometimes their logic bails off a meteor screaming through earth's atmosphere and plummets flaming into crispy weirdness that can't be traced.

How precious are the moments.