Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Four-things meme

The delightful Texas Poppet tagged me with a meme, for which I will be eternally grateful. Today's contribution to NaBloPoMo was going to be either about the Guatemalan election (the good guys win!) or the tragic floods in Tabasco, Mexico, but I'm feeling antsy so instead let's go with some fluff.

Four First Names of Crushes I’ve Had
1. Alec
2. Viggo
3. Johnny
4. Tilda

Four Pieces of Clothing I Wish I Still Owned
1. These great boots that had 5-inch platforms and made me look like Frankenstein.
2. A '70s polyester shirt that had Nude Descending a Staircase on it. I saw it at a thrift store and didn't want to pay the whole $1 for it, but when I went back on sales day, it was gone. One of the biggest regrets of my life.
3. This cool pair of silk pants that was stolen from a dryer.
4. My husband's faux-leather jacket that got ripped; he looked so good in it.

Four Names I’ve Been Called at One Time or Another
1. It's pretty much always been Kelly. And once or twice:
2. Kel-face
3. Keldorado
4. Kel-Kel (which makes me cringe) (sorry!)

Four Professions I Secretly Want to Try
1. Makeup-color namer
2. Paint-color namer
3. Crayon-color namer
4. Archivist

Four Musicians I’d Most Want to Go on a Date With
1. This one is easy. MY HUSBAND. Dear god, yes, I'd love to go on a date with my husband. Otherwise,
2. Dolly Parton
3. Johnny Cash
4. Lou Reed

Four Foods I’d Rather Throw Than Eat
1. Tonic water
2. Fake raspberry syrup
3. Wild Turkey
4. Apple pie

Four Things I Like to Sniff
1. My kids' heads
2. Todd's neck
3. Chanel No. 5
4. A good bourbon

Four People to Tag
Fellow NaBloPoMo-ers who might be looking for something, ANYTHING, to post:
1. Heather at The Bughouse
2. Kaleigh at The musings of yet another working mom
3. Kelly at Kellyology
4. Moxie Mom


Kelly said...

I am struggling...especially on the weekends. Thanks!

nylonthread said...

Oh, man! That would have been an awesome t-shirt! I still have your Joan Miro pants, BTW, and keep thinking that someday soon I will take the time to alter them so they will fit me...

Moxie-Mom said...

I have NEVER been tagged for…anything! I feel like I won a contest.

FYI, I had a change a few things, hope you don't mind.


radical mama said...

Funny, an archivist is the ONE thing I said I would never do with my history degree! Too much time spent alone in dark rooms for my comfort.

Kelly O said...

Some people loathe memes. I, however, love them.

Alone in the dark = a happy Kelly! No, actually it's just related to my dream job.

Nylonthread means she's significantly shorter than me. Though, it's true, she's just smaller in general!

The Clamdampers said...

Wow - two bloggers I know independently of one another have now met and memed online - how exciting to think that the blog universe is that small. Or maybe you two did know each other - Kel-face, did you know Moxie Mom before you tagged her?

Kelly O said...

All roads lead to the Clamdampers? No, I didn't know her, but I recognized her icon on NaBloPoMo from comments on your blog (which, by the way, I don't link to in my blogroll because I assume you don't want me to? Although, if you have it linked in the comments, maybe it's okay. Now I'm confused).

Noble Savage said...

A woman who likes bourbon = a woman after my own heart.

MB said...

I think I have a crush on you! Someone else who would like to throw Wild Turkey or go on a date with Dolly Parton. I laughed my head off at your answers!

Kelly O said...

When I was pregnant, I made a nuisance of myself sniffing all my friends' drinks.

MB, soul sister!

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...