Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Xmas card 2007, the outtakes

Heather, upon seeing the O's Xmas card this year, commented that if this is the best of the bunch, the outtakes should be interesting. (As Todd noted in the card, that's a shadow on Liam's face, not a shiner.)

Yeah, well, we had some issues with the camera.

The ambient lighting had to be just right to minimize the streaking from the lights on the tree.

At some point we just had to give up on a shot with the tree in the background and move into the kitchen.

It was surprisingly difficult to get everyone in the frame.

Getting the family and the dog? Impossible.

We lost patience pretty quickly.

Especially Liam.

Problems with the yearly card aside, it was a lovely holiday. We had a wonderful Xmas eve dinner with friends, then came home and let the kids open their presents from Grandpa — retro toy stuffed dogs, one that looks like Tina and one that is solid brown — that the kids seriously went mad for. We tried to get pictures of the kids' unbridled enthusiasm, but the camera's delay made that impossible.

Me: Kids, what do you think of your new puppies?
Thea, hopping up and down and spinning around: I love it I love it I love it!!!
Liam, jumping off the couch hugging the puppy: I yuff it I yuff it I yuff it!!!
Camera: ... *click*

I think a new camera is in my future.

The next morning they opened the rest of the toys. Thea's other favorites: a toy phone from Santa, a scarf from Heather and Amy, a robe for when she's cold but doesn't want to wear clothes (always), and a real digital camera from Nick. Liam's favorites: an awesome sock monkey from Heather and Amy, a frog with a big clacking mouth that you pull on a string and it kind of hops after you, a soccer ball, and a stuffed dinosaur.

Later Grandma came over and we made a fabulous leg of lamb. We ate too much, drank too much, and had tons of toys to play with. A very merry Christmas, all in all.


Steve said...

Hysterical pictures. I love the one with Liam in your glasses.

Merry Christmas, 'O' Family

nylonthread said...

You all always look awesome and adorable! Kudos for managing to get it done at all; the Strings didn't get our act togther this year.

Nonna Madonna said...

I love the outtakes. I am amazed that you were able to get so many wonderful shots. My advice: if space permits, keep them all. Priceless.

Aaronish said...

I think the fireworks look cool! Was it a sci-fi Christmas for the O-fam.??

radical mama said...

Sounds like a happy Christmas.

Love the photo essay! Sounds a bit like our attempt at a family picture this year. (Much photoshopping was done.)

A N D R E A said...

Love all the photos. They are fab. Maybe you should have made your xmas card a series of the outtakes! They are awesome.

Merry Xmas!!

Grandy said...

Great Pics!! Glad you and yours had a good holiday!! Merry Christmas, albeit belated. ;)

heather said...

the osborn family holiday picture outtakes are one of the best parts of xmas, like the simpson's treehouse of horrors!

Kelly O said...

HA HAHAHAHAHA!!! ... Hey...

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

I love em!!!! And next time (when I am not in Hawaii) send the pic to me and I can get the shadow off Liam's face!

dawn224 said...

I think the outtakes are great!