Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A chance to see an icon of free speech

We are so lucky. One of the NEA 4 and a favorite performance artist of mine, Tim Miller, will be performing at the Dance Place, and on my wedding anniversary, no less. Time to line up a babysitter!

For those of you who don't remember the '90s, Tim Miller, Karen Finley, Holly Hughes, and John Fleck were four artists whose funding by the NEA was revoked because of their "indecent" gay and sexually explicit subject matter. (Ironically, the work of Karen Finley — the lone straighty — was probably the most challenging and inflammatory.) This was an important part of our cultural history, a watershed event. It was part of a far-reaching, government-sanctioned suspicion toward and rejection of art and intellectualism, a muffling of free expression, that is still in effect.

You can find out more about Tim Miller on his blog. If you get a chance, totally check out his show. It's amazing.


susiej.com said...

I miss having tickets to cool stuff like this.

Daniel said...

Tim, I wish you were coming to San Diego. Hey Tim!!! Yeah. You. Come to San Diego already okay? Yes, you're right...there is another famous Tim Miller here, I know. But there is totally room for both of you.

Clamdampers said...

Aww, Tim Miller...he grabbed my foot once - back in the 90s when performance art was more than just a free Radiohead album.

Kelly O said...

That was a good couple of years.