Monday, February 04, 2008

Six ways in which I prove my dorkitude

I was tagged by the delicious Mamalicious to share six random habits or quirks about me. Here are six of the many ways in which I'm mildly odd:

1. I read the first thirty pages of a book, the last thirty, and then the middle if I'm still interested, in that order.

2. I'll also almost always Google the ending of suspense movies before they're over. I love movies with Nazis in them because there's no ambiguity: they're always the bad guys, and they always lose in the end.

3. I don't like big surprises.

4. I loathe romantic comedies. I kind of loved Alien Vs. Predator just because it was fairly predictable, and the guy who you thought was going to be the romantic lead gets eaten early on. That kind of surprise I'm okay with.

4. Until I was 30, I was certain I didn't want kids. I think my husband felt a little betrayed at first by my change of heart.

5. I sometimes fall asleep with my toes crossed.

6. I can smell when someone near me is about to cry.

Heather (I thought you were going to start posting every day, dude!)
Amy T Sharp


Mike Golch said...

part of me wanted children and there was a part of me that did not given the health issues that I have and my wife's health issues I would not want the kids have these issues to go thru life with,besides God made that decision for us.we could not have children. said...

Toes crossed!! Don't you get cramps!!
Smell someone before they cry... you're a good, sensitive friend.

Grandy said...

Great list, Kelly!! Thanks for sharing. Gave you a head tilt on the toe crossing one, but LOVED your final one. YOU ROCK!!

amy t sharp said...

yr a little odd but so am I and that is why I love coming here
you toe crosser

Kelly O said...

What? Really? The toe-crossing was the weirdest?

Renaissance Woman said...

The smell thing is amazing!