Friday, March 07, 2008


When the kids crowd around me, both trying to make me pick them up at the same time, I feel like I'm in a zombie movie and about to get my brains eaten.

He's still ticked off in this one:


monkeyrotica said...

Wow. It's like Sophie's Choice except funny.

heather said...

hey, she seems to have a thought independent of our needs... GET IT!!!!!

(i kid, i kid. you know i think they're the universe's little dumplings.)

wrekehavoc said...

c'mon. i can pick up at least 7 cranky kids at one time, as long as a few of them are draped over my head. and as long as i don't need to breathe for awhile.

you slacker mom, you ;-)

karrie said...

One does me in. I love how you captured this emotion. Brains, indeed.

radical mama said...

I love it that you thought to take these pictures in the heat of the moment. I would have been looking for a pillow in which to bury my head.