Monday, July 28, 2008

If only lust were enough to off-set sloth and gluttony

I recently started training for a 5K. If you know me at all, you are probably surprised by the idea, and possibly a little derisive. I tend to be slovenly and indolent. I'm self-indulgent. I eat too much and I drink too much. In general, this is not a problem to me. These are all things I like about myself.

Furthermore, some of my friends are avid runners, and they always have the most gruesome stories of toenails falling off and bleeding nipples. Honestly, I can't imagine why anyone would want to run unless they were being chased. Even then, it would have to be chased by someone abnormally large and carrying a weapon of some sort (as opposed to, say, being pursued by a small child).

But you know how it goes. I'm not getting any younger, and the days of being able to have ice cream for dinner before an extended night of bar-hopping without physical repercussions are long gone. So, wish me luck!


Catherine said...

yay for you! I've considered picking up couch potato to 5k (or wahtever its called) but I don't want to rush these things. And, it's almost winter so it's not like I can run then.

Renaissance Woman said...

I do wish you luck. I have some of the same traits and wish that eating ice cream for dinner wouldn't be such an issue. Maybe I will start to train for a 5k and we can support each other through the process. Or maybe I will just support you from the couch.

Brent said...

Chris and I are gearing up to join you for the run. (And the toenail and nips problems only happen when you really pile on the miles.)

Yay, group suffering!

nylonthread said...

You know, you motivated me to join you, dear. Your ambivalence was palpable at first, but I'm really overjoyed that we are doing it! I have never been a runner (chubby kid syndrome) and am looking forward to calling myself one.

I'm running so I can catch the kids. Ugh, the time Rosie took off at the beach? I have to be able to overtake her.

Cheers & looking forward to the 5K, whichever one we pick.

minijonb said...

Good luck! Go have an awesome time. Just take it easy in training. BTW, nice Run Lola Run picture.

Kelly O said...

Catherine, you're HILARIOUS.

To whomever would like to join in the 5K training, some of us have been tracking our progress at It's in beta right now, but it's pretty cool. Let me know if you want an invitation and we can virtually train together! (I mean "virtually" as in "not in real life," though the other connotation would probably be appropriate, too.)

spleeness said...

lmao! "I can't imagine why anyone would want to run unless they were being chased."

My deal is that anyone who eats & drinks too much is good company. We MUST hang out.

Sonia (formerly ddm) said...

Good luck!! I'm with you on the workout/eating better train. But you aren't likely to hear about me training for any events. Unless looking fierce in a pair of jeans counts? My husband and I both have been at it for just over a month. He's lost quite a lot of weight, and I'm toning up much more quickly than I thought I would.
Kelly GO! :-)

Kelly O said...

Sonia!! I miss you a ridiculous amount. Please email me and tell me how things are with you and the fam. Your boy, is he still the delicious little morsel he was a year ago? He must be so big now. *cue the music, "Sunrise, Sunset"*