Monday, August 18, 2008

The boy is delirious

Liam was sent home from daycare today with a fever. But, typical little kid, he keeps forgetting he's sick. Minutes ago he was hopping around with his pants on his head yelling about wanting pizza with sprinkles on it for dinner. The moment was gone by the time I found my camera.

Here's where I made him reenact it, anyway.


Catherine said...

Poor kid. To keep forgetting. Although when he was a sweaty puddle I'm sure he remembered. Maybe the waist band of his pants made a nice sweat band?

Renaissance Woman said...

So's sucks to be sick. I find wearing underwear on my head always helps!

nylonthread said...

Once the Tylenol kicks in, it's pretty easy to forget, right?

I hope he gets better soon! Or, the pants-head-jumping is a sure sign that he's on his way.