Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One week to go; LET'S NOT EFF THIS UP

First off, here's a video to get you in the voting mood. I can't get through it without wanting to wipe away my tears, run out of the room, and cast my vote immediately.

A lot of us are getting ready to cast our vote. If, next Tuesday, it's sleeting outside and some of the roads are closed and you're hungover and all nine of your kids are sick and you'd have to call your mother to watch the kids while you go to the polls and she'll never let you forget how you should have listened to her and married that guy with the minivan, SUCK IT UP AND DO IT ANYWAY. This is a close election, and nobody has won it yet. Remember Florida, Y2K? Your vote matters, yes it does.

Also, please remember to vote on the entire ballot, not just for a presidential candidate (gObama). Several states include unfair and discriminatory propositions.

CALIFORNIA: Vote No on 8

FLORIDA: Vote No on 2

ARIZONA: Vote No on 102

CONNECTICUT: Vote No on Question 1

ARKANSAS: Vote No on Act 1

If you're unsure about why marriage matters, why civil rights and equality are important, please take a few moments to find out more.

One thing on the ballot for Marylanders is a constitutional amendment that would give us a two-week voting period, instead of just one day. While I love the idea of taking the kids to vote on the one day that the rest of the country is voting, a day heavy with significance and responsibility, in practice it's kind of a pain in the ass. I'm torn between taking them to the polls with me after work to instill the habit of voting, and voting on my lunch break when the lines might be shorter.

UPDATE: 10/30/08
My friend Mike sent me this video, both hilarious and truly disturbing. *shudder*


Catherine said...

that video made me want to run out and vote too - except that I already did! Colorado has early voting and it is FANTASTIC. I love voting, I am not a mil-in ballot girl. It's not so important to me which day I do it.

Renaissance Woman said...

I already voted as well! Colorado has early voting and most people are taking advantage. And I would beg people to vote to make marriages equal in every way possible. Vote, vote, vote!

Patois said...

I am from California. And my vote matters. And you can be damn sure I'm voting NO, HELL NO!

nylonthread said...

Huzzah! That video was excellent. It makes me want to go out and play with typography. AND VOTE. Thanks, Kelly!!

ep said...

I'm definitely taking the kid to the polls with me Tuesday. I just hope she doesn't trumpet too loud while we're on line, "I DON'T LIKE that John McCain!" Wonder where she picks this stuff up...

Christie Lanning said...

Taking the kids to vote with me, AND explaining why I'm voting for the people I am voting for!

nessa said...

We already voted. With the whole moving thing, we got to take advantage of absentee ballots. What a lovely thing that was! When I told Ava I was voting, she said, "Let me guess, *siiiigh* you're voting for Barack Obama." And rolled her eyes while smiling, as though she were the mother and I just did the cutest thing. That kid. I didn't know anything about politics when I was in 2nd grade!!!