Sunday, February 08, 2009

Freedom to Marry Week: Why you shouldn't use the term "gay marriage"

Today is the first day of Freedom to Marry Week 2009. This year, the marriage equality folks are asking people to start a conversation with three people about why gay rights matter.

The three of you who read my blog are all intelligent, introspective, gorgeous people who most likely already support equality. So, instead of preaching to the choir, here's something useful to know about why we should say "marriage equality" instead of "gay marriage":

The term "gay marriage" implies that same-sex couples are asking for rights or privileges that married couples do not have, or for something lesser or different. What gay people are seeking is the legal and equal freedom to marry the person they love and care for, just as non-gay Americans do. The Constitution's guarantee of equal protection and the right to marry belongs to us all.

Good to know!


Heather Jensen said...

thanks for posting about freedom to marry week! conversations with the circles of people around us are the key to helping them push past their discomfort, complacency, or indifference to becoming supportive of our equality, & we totally appreciate your help & support!

Nylonthread said...

Good to know indeed!

Thanks for the vocab update. :-)

Renaissance Woman said...

Well said...and it's always good to know. I am keeping hope alive that I get to choose to marry somebody and have it legal.