Thursday, February 19, 2009

Some highlights of the Gov and Web 2.0 conference

Don't worry, I won't bore you with the notes from the conference. Unless you're interested? Anyone? I could talk for hours about social media and the government. These are exciting times to be a federal web worker.

Usually, government conference refreshments mean a few stale cookies, two carafes of coffee, and one pint of half-and-half to be split among 50 people. (I promise, this is not hyperbole.) But Obama has mandated that government agencies become transparent, participatory, and collaborative, something they are not known for being, in the first one hundred days of his administration. The government is neither adroit nor agile, as well, so this is cause for dozens of seminars and conferences, and the competition for our attention is fierce.

Hence the chocolate-passionfruit crème brûlée with spun-sugar dome at lunch:

After the conference, my friend and colleague Spleeness and I caught the metro home with the two guys we picked up:

It was snowy and windy, but we had our love to keep us warm.


Catherine said...

You had your love to keep you warm ... you? Are a dork. But I love ya for it!!

As for notes, yes I am interested.

Heather Jensen said...

1. shouldn't that spun sugar be carmelized? i'm just sayin'... & c'mon, where's the marzipan songbird nestled lovingly in the creme brulee? effin' government workers.

2. i would LOVE a copy of your notes!

Renaissance Woman said...

Yummy! That looked great. I would look at the notes as well.

merrymishaps said...

That dessert looks amazing!

Nylonthread said...

Holy he1l, that dessert is one crazy over-the-top message. Stale cookies to crème brulée? We love you! We want you! We NEED you!

Bask in it while you can. There's no way they'll be able to keep the furvor up for too long. I predict the government's attention span on this one to be, oh, six months.

Patois said...

As a taxpayer, I'd prefer you continued with the stale cookies. (Or maybe I'm just so totally jealous!)

Kelly O said...

Ha! The conference sponsors paid for it.