Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thea's first chapter book

Last night we finished reading Thea's first chapter book to her, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She seemed to enjoy it a lot, but perhaps not as much as Todd and I did. We're both big fans of kids books like the Oz stories and the Chronicles of Narnia. Storytime has the potential to become a lot more fun!


Nylonthread said...

Hm, I must have started with the wrong book. Rosie is still much more interested in the shorter, picture books. Last year, I read a few chapters of the "Wizard of Oz" (meh to R), then at the beginning of the year I tried "The Secret Garden" which was a childhood favorite of mine. I'll have to admit, that it's awfully gloomy at the start and the kids haven't gotten into it.

Maybe Charlie would be a better pick!

Kelly O said...

I think part of it was that we saw the movie a week before. It helped her visualize it better.

Yeah, I can't wait to read my childhood favorites to the kids!

Catherine said...

We read that recently, Elliot LOVED it. He also enjoyed James & the Giant Peach. Now we're reading the Treehouse series. Chapter books about a brother and sister that go on adventures in books.

We're not quite ready for Oz. I have all 14 books. So, I'm a fan too.

The chapter books are way more exciting than board books. I look forward to reading at night now. Before it was more of a chore, I mean really? How many times can I read goodnight moon?

Nylonthread said...

We revisited the Wizard of Oz last night and read both the Scarecrow and Tinman chapters. They were more receptive because I told the kids that it was Weegee's book choice (heh-heh!) Then they each got to pick their own short books. Rosie picked "Lucky Duck" and Dash wanted "The OK Book" by Todd Parr.