Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's Easter without a giant bunny?

After a year's hiatus, the Easter Bunny made a return appearance to our annual egg hunt.

Like two years ago, Aaron is in the suit.

His glasses fogged up and he was essentially blinded. I led him out the back door, around the house to the front yard, so the kids wouldn't know where he came from. My friend Mike (who, by the way, writes great movie reviews on his blog) took the pictures, and I love this one, because it looks a little like I'm about to be mugged by a furry.

Some kids, like Thea, kept their distance.

You can't blame them. Aaron is over 6 feet tall, and the bunny ears make him a giant.

But after a while, most of the kids warmed up to him.

Liam wanted to show him everything in his basket.

After Aaron went inside and took off the costume, I got a glimpse of his face. He looked haunted. What a good sport!

If you're going down the rabbit hole, it helps to have some cupcakes. Don, Susan, and I made them the night before, and got maybe a little too into making them.

The easter eggs on green frosting-grass are half a small donut, covered in icing and flower sprinkles. They didn't quite turn out like I had hoped, but they gave me ideas for next year.


Heather Jensen said...

that is so cute!

Grandy said...

You are SO clever!!! I love those cupcakes!!!

Nikita said...

It's Harvey!

Love the cupcakes, too cute!

Catherine said...

mugged by a furry ... snort. Turns out there's a fur con in Denver in August. If Aaron needs a place to stay I could hook him up.