Saturday, November 21, 2009

NaBloPoMo fatigue

I stare at the screen and have nothing to say. So instead, here's a song I'm a little obsessed with (with thanks to On the Curb for the idea). All members of Grinderman are also in Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, a band that I respect intellectually but never really got into. For whatever reason, the same musicians as Grinderman strike me as genius.


floogee said...

LOVE Grinderman thanks to you and curb as well as their other side project, Dirty Three.

onthecurb said...

This was clearly a written collaboration between a couple of my exes.

Lot of facial hair going on with Grinderman. (doesn't that irk you when you're introducing music to someone and they say something about the band's appearance? sorry. it's become habit after suggesting tunes to gav who then searches the band out on youtube...i'll later ask, "so, what did you think about band X?" "they look stupid.") I love hair btw! :-) Lots and lots of hair!