Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow day!

The Blizzard of '09 hit us pretty hard. The thundersnow (new vocab word!) left about 20 inches of snow on the DC area, and shut down schools for the rest of the year. But it sure was pretty.

(Picture stolen from Todd's blog. Thanks, Todd!)


ep said...

what a great photo!

Julie said...

I love your picture. How much snow did you guys get? We just had a small snowstorm here and suppose to be more coming. We got about 8" between last night and this morning and suppose to get another 8" or so. Other places here in Minnesota got up to 24" so far. I have a friend that lives south of Rochester NY and she's always shoveling but it melts so much faster there. How about where you are, melts fast or stays? Our, we'll see grass sometime in April/early May.
Merry Christmas and God Bless you and yours this wonderful Christmas eve.

Cat said...

Awesome photo. We learned about thundersnow here in October. Apparently people were calling the news weather people Very Concerned about the noise accompanying the snow. It was funny to watch the news that night and see every channel address the thundersnow and calm the masses. We're having a white Christmas. Most people think we have snow every Christmas but we don't, March is our snowiest month. Maybe we'll get to play in it today!

Merry Christmas!