Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fish eggs, fish eggs, roly poly fish eggs

Eat them up, yum!


Sushi after Nylonthread and her brood's dance recital is a yearly event, and it's one of the best parties of the year.


Nylonthread said...

Awww, thanks for posting this!! Liam is such a cutie & I adore you all. It was a nice party, intimate and low-key, with a good mix of friends and kids. My favorite quote of yours — paraphrased here — from the party (there were 4 boys roughhousing w/weapons and 3 girls playing card games/dress-up):

"Boys will take us to the emergency room; girls will take us to the psych ward."

floogee said...

Liam's culinary politics are most advanced. He respects the hostess for providing the delectable treats by making sure he downs the whole thing first before soiling her with half a California roll. Most considerate.

Cindy said...

Thanx for all this, i must read your other post too, kepp it up.