Monday, June 21, 2010

Philosophical conversations in the dark

Thea and her best friend Wendy
Conversation as I sit with Thea at bedtime.

Thea: I miss my school. I even miss the cafeteria and the school's mac 'n cheese.

Me: I think it's like when it's winter and you're so sick of the cold and wet weather that you can't wait for a hot, sticky summer. Then summer comes around and you think how refreshing the snow was. It's a reminder that things change, always, and you have to appreciate what you have.

Thea: I like fall best.

Me: Yes, but [start droning on about how change is inevitable and often painful but let us rejoice in the lessons blah blah blah....]

Thea: [exhaling into her hand]

Me: [a little worried that the conversation is too intense and she's getting choked up] Are you okay, sweetie?

Thea: I'm trying to smell my breath!

Me: ... That's nice, dear.

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