Friday, October 21, 2011

Adorable zombie hoard stole my nutella crackers

Not my picture, but doesn't it look lovely?
Last night, after the kids were supposed to be in bed, I made myself two pretzel crackers with nutella on them and a glass of wine, then called upstairs to Todd to see if he wanted to watch the grown-up movie I was about to put on. (He was folding their laundry before heading out for the night.) Thea and Liam both came running down, shrieking "Movie? We want to watch a movie!!"

But when they saw my plate, they got distracted and crowded around me like a begging, grabby zombie hoard. I finally relented and gave them the nutella crackers, muttering under my breath "You already had candy after dinner, but fine, fine, here you go, monsters. You suck."

They looked shocked for about half a second, then burst into laughter. Liam skipped away, happily smearing his face with chocolate, but Thea stayed to chastise me. "HOW DARE YOU!! -- here, take a bite, poor Mommy -- I WILL NEVER SHARE WITH YOU EVER AGAIN!!  -- here, take another bite, that one was so small -- WHAT A TERRIBLE THING TO SAY TO YOUR CHILDREN!!"

We both laughed so hard we couldn't breathe. She went off to play with Liam while I made myself two more crackers.


floogee said...

wow, that's not what i expected the nutella thing to be. how cute, how hilarious and how sweet.

me said...

Hahaha, I can picture this!

thordora said...

oh sweet hell that's adorable!

Nylonthread said...

Whoa, that exact same thing happened to me last night! Kids already had their desserts, but I chose to put nutella on some pizelles (purchased at Vaccaro's in Baltimore Sunday morning) for me and darn it, if I didn't have to give them away and make more for myself!

The parrot wanted some too. :-)

Lily.J said...

Really? Your kids misbehave (getting out of bed), so you reward them? Next time, say "No, these are mine. If you're back in bed by the time I count to five, you can have some tomorrow"

Kelly O said...

^ O_o

Heather Jensen said...

I know, I saw that too & I was like Yikes, what happens after 5? WHAT HAPPENS AFTER FIVE????????

PS Find a parent who that has worked for. Crazy kids & their stupid free will.