Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Election day

It is election day, and everyone across the country feels like they have a horse in the race, especially in the DC area, and maybe even more especially in Maryland where we have several initiatives on the ballot that could change the direction of our state's policies. The wait times in early election lines have been hours long in my neighborhood, so I was happily surprised when we only had an hour to wait to vote this morning. Mike and I took the kids, and Mike even let Thea cast his vote for president. (Obama, of course.)

Later that night, Thea came back from the neighbor's house and walked into the den while I was nervously watching early election results that had Mitt Romney ahead. She looked super ticked off, and I thought maybe she had had an argument with the girls next door. I asked her what was wrong, and she furiously pointed to the TV and yelled, "I can't believe Romney won the election!!" She was so relieved when I explained how useless early returns were.

My sweet little girl. She really can't escape her upbringing.

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