Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Lulabelle is jealous of the kids' big box

The dishwasher died (maybe) right before Thanksgiving, and it's taken forever to get a replacement. I finally had a new one installed yesterday, but it still didn't work. The installer said it may have been a bad breaker, though replacing the faulty one still didn't provide power to the dishwasher. So Mike fiddled around with some wires and, voila, working dishwasher! Though we may not have needed a new dishwasher after all, the kids are having fun with the box it came in.

That Mike is quite handy. Since moving in a few months ago, he's installed two overhead lights and a garbage disposal, fixed the dishwasher (twice), and solved the leaky roof problem.

UPDATE: How could I forget, he also refinished all the floors on the first floor and repainted the den and living room, including the living room ceiling!


Abigail said...

Maybe you should keep him.

Kelly O said...

I hope to get him on the payroll soon. Have to see how 2013 looks.